Yes, this song is about Donald Trump. I have been on record stating that I would not meander through the sensationalist media coverage of Trump. Yet, as I research and listen, I realize that people need to know about him in every form possible! I am late, but present nonetheless. If there are ten, one hundred or thousand songs about him, so be it. Mine will be amongst those songs. They are all necessary.

I wrote a song on him to speak truth to power and to speak, not only to those who already know this, but also to those who don’t know, don’t care or worse, those who actually support him. Ignorance or indifference is equivalent to complacency to bigotry. In our times you become just as guilty and part of the problem. But to be clear, I believe in humanity and believe we all have the capacity to change. Thus, in my song, I provide some context and speak to his supporters so that perhaps a word, a phrase or feeling can provoke them to no longer stand on the side of ignorance and hate. I connect Donald Trump’s rhetoric with the state of police brutality and Hillary Clinton’s legacy, a pandering one that has created violence around the world. Thus, I write this song on Donald Trump, but as he relates to the extreme repression by the state already in existence.

We live in a country whose conditions allow his hate speech to be celebrated. Covert racism is now become overt and he represents the George Wallace of our era. We must know this. We must know that racism has been institutionalized before and it can be institutionalized again. We must show that we have learned from our past and that our past has continued to be our present. This is what Donald Trump and his supporters have done for us. They have revealed themselves to us and so it’s our turn to reflect the mirror of justice onto them and allow humanity to shine… not through indifference, but through overt action and manifestations for equality, justice and dignity.

So Who Is He?
donaldtrumpslumlordDonald Trump is a racist slumlord. He has denied housing for blacks. He bought realty along central park and attempted to get rid of “undesirables”, mainly people of color by cutting heat and electricity. He attempted to do what slumlords did in the 70’s in the Bronx. Today, many are still suing him. In return, he is suing them back, unwilling to accept his attempts to rid people of their homes. He ridicules women. There are countless lawsuits against him for sexual harassment. He has tried to silence women by paying them off or through fear tactics. He is on record stating he’d date his own daughter. He understands no boundaries in the worst way. He is anti-Mexican. He has limited knowledge of our culture. He also doesn’t realize how many Mexicans have built his white castles. Although we (Mexicans) have been scapegoats for other politicians, nothing has been this intense since the great depression. We, as a people, continue to be synonymous with social ills and he exploits this. He has fooled poor whites (more on this later). He attempts to deny LGBTQ peoples existence. Although he supported protecting the queer community from discrimination in the workplace by adding sexual orientation to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he has opposed same sex marriage.

He is a son of wealth, a child without struggle who has continued to triumph in his failures reaching to a bottomless pit of money and fishing in a river with a constant cash current. He knows abuse, not by suffering it, but by delivering it. He is part of a family that abuses those around them for the purpose of gaining more capital. His grandfather, an immigrant in his own right, built an empire for his kin. He was a hungry immigrant like all others, but he wasn’t like all others. Trump will say that, if his grandfather worked hard to create wealth, others should be able to do the same. He won’t admit that his grandfather stole land from indigenous communities only to provide services that, surely abused women during the gold rush. His grandfather was a sex abuser who stole and evaded taxes. This is his legacy, an immigrant unlike many others who actually work hard in abusive conditions to have a simple life. This is true. It is also true that his father was in a Klansman riot and arrested in Queen NY. He is a man who worked hard to avoid media and for his history to be arbitrary. No public figure like the “Don” wants the public to know that his father was a KKK member or at minimum, associated with a hate group. It is no wonder why Trump denies support from David Duke, a pronounced KKK leader. Donald Trump comes from a lineage of moral disruption a moral compass broken. A sea captain lost and loving it. He thinks, with all the water around, he will never be thirsty. He is intrinsically perverse. He can’t exist in any other form. He wouldn’t be a Trump, otherwise.

Today, he is all of that and then some. He is the Republican presidential candidate. He is punitive. He distrusts the economically subordinate. He believes in safety over civil liberties and as such, he believes in order over freedom.

His supporters:
Yet, Trump reflects the values of a vast number of “Americans.” He has been placed in a position of power because those who have voted for him feel powerless. They feel America has betrayed them. They feel disconnected to today’s reality. Today, the president is Black. Pop music is Black. Many actors/actresses are Black. Latinx are in the media. Latinx are seeping into the consciousness of mainstream America. In other words, whiteness is become less white and so is the ability to project and exert power in the way white Americans used to just some 20 years ago. Poor whites feel disenfranchised and have turned to the Glenn Becks and Ann Coulters of the world in order to understand their plight…because… it is a plight. White poverty and drug abuse has increased dramatically. They have also been fooled. They haven’t been given the opportunity to reflect on why they are a growing poor population. They have been led to believe that it is people of color who should be blamed and nothing more…no one else. But, one must only look at manufacturing cities in the U.S. to realize that it has been foreign policy politics that have caused such detrimental economic instability in white communities and not people of color. The same conditions that cause forced migration are the same ones that cause unemployment in rural America and manufacturing cities.

Yes, I believe a poor white has more in common with me than with Donald Trump. Yet, most White Americans, see Trump’s wealth as a sign of success and vote based on this very notion. They ignore Trump’s many failed companies and bankruptcies. Here, I feel virtue is based on capital instead of morality and integrity. There are many rich people in the world, but it doesn’t determine their character as human beings. Thus, his wealth only appears to be a sign of success and virtue only because he is rich and nothing more. To this I ask a simple question, how successful and virtuous is a rich man who was born rich?

Donald Trump represents the worst in America. He embodies white supremacy and white, wealthy, heteromale privilege from the old days that apparently, still have a place in America today…so put your hands in the air if you want to be part of that legacy…

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