Olmeca is the real thing. He’s a talented lyricist that has been compared to music greats Zack de la Rocha and Talib Kweli. He’s received accolades from Legendary Hip Hop radio show hosts Carmelita (The Wake Up Show) Sway (MTV) and Tech (The Wake Up Show), LA Weekly, La Opinion, Divine Forces Radio and many more. He has toured and performed with iconic bands like Ozomatli, KRS One, Dilated Peoples, Julieta Venegas, the late Joe Strummer, and Saul Williams, and has collaborated with Black Eyed Peas member Taboo, and Mexico legends La Maldita Vecindad. He has toured the Mexico, London, Spain, Canada and almost all corners of the U.S.

“Olmeca’s performance is one of the best I’ve seen. I compare him to Talib Kweli. A real MC for real Times” -Vancouver Volume Series

“Olmeca is one of the most powerful lyricists and performers I’ve had the privilege to see. Based out of Los Angeles, Olmeca is respected by people all over the world. “ – Mass Frequency (Chicago)

“Olmeca breaks barriers with good music and a good message. While music enthusiasts and hip-hop lovers alike value the production quality, beats and flawless bilingual lyrical delivery!” –Kesta Happening (Washington,DC)LECTURESV2

Olmeca has provided Lectures and keynote at University of Notre Dame, UI, Chicago, Marquette University, Brown University, Cal State L.A. Pitzer College, Claremont College in California, Cal Poly Pomona, Northwestern, UT, McAllister, Everett College, WA, Ferris State University, MI, UW, Milwaukee among others. In addition, Olmeca has been a resident artist scholar at University of Indiana, Bloomington and UW, Madison.

Olmeca speaks on Latinx Identity and Power, Hip-Hop Pedagogy and Transformative Organizing. He works on issues such as immigration, indigenous struggles, urban zapatismo, and youth empowerment. He was appointed artist – teacher to the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, one of the most renowned cultural centers in the United States and has spoken alongside Zack de la Rocha, Rosa Clemente, Naomi Klein and Boaventura de Sousa to name a few.

The presentations serve as a bridge to understanding under-represented communities while challenging and provoking critical thought about mainstream narratives. They are intended to provide effective strategies to enhance cross-cultural understanding and cultural competence while empowering audiences through art and culture.WORKSHOPSV2

Olmeca’s interactive workshops are specific to groups and organizations seeking organizational capacity. He focuses on transformative organizing looking at global political climates, culture, and social norms. The workshops are fluid and tailored to each space. Each presentation consists of interactive dialogue that encompasses mutual reflection. Topics range from urban zapatismo, organizing on campus, communication development and cross identity movement building.

Olmeca has conducted workshops for small groups to large conference-style experiences. Regardless of size, Olmeca brings “aha moments”, personal stories, and data points into clear view for participants helping them investigate questions of practice and how theory can be used to inform on-the-ground community work.

The workshops pull the lens back and forth allowing for the larger picture to be nuanced with questions of the everyday. From youth centered projects and community organizing to campus environments, Olmeca’s workshops span a wide breathe of spaces and places. His workshops are ideal for bring community together while allowing for critical dialogue, challenges and victory building to be worked through.